We are putting new meaning to "Quality Fast Food" at Inside Out Eatery.

Fresh homemade lunches to go Monday through Friday 11:30am to 1:30pm inside Herbs N Health on Broadway and 9th.

We are listening...our facility now completely free of tree-nuts too!

Inside Out Bakery is fully dedicated to building a stronger community through inclusivity. Our products are safe and enjoyable for everyone in your life because our facility is free of as many major allergens as we can possibly eliminate. Most recently we have removed all tree-nuts from our segregated area and thoroughly cleaned all shelving and pans previously dedicated to producing products with tree-nuts. Honestly, there isn't a scratch on anything because we only ever once made anything with tree nuts in it.

Don't segregate. Integrate. Order Inside Out Bakery products for your next event!!!

Online ordering has been expanded!

Online ordering ensures you get exactly what you want, and the freshest possible product to boot! We've expanded our filtering capabillities, and are working on expaning the products available on the online ordering system. Check it out at www.insideoutbakery.com/order and stay in touch as we continue to work on our model of inclusivity!

New meaning for "Quality Fast Food"

Fresh homemade lunches to go, every day, all the time. Made from local organic free-range meat suppliers, and fresh produce. Buy in single meal form or frozen family packs!

Defying the odds...

A dedicated facility means the food is safe, and with a solid understanding of nature, the taste and aromas exceed expectations! All our products are free of gluten, dairy, peanut, tree nut, refined sugar, yeast, xanthan gum, and msg. Options include paleo, vegan, diabetic friendly, seed-free, soy-free. Details for each ingredient and their use in our products are available in the checklists. Simply hover over the i symbol.

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